The dos and don’ts of video calls

Video calls and remote working are new experiences for many people, and we’re all dealing with it in our own way. What have you learned during this time?

Our team has become accustomed to remote working over the years, so we have highlighted some of our learnings below which might help you during this time.

remote working tips
  • Switch your video on. Most of us aren’t in the same room anymore which already makes it difficult to read body language and get a sense of the energy from our colleagues. Seeing one another really helps build the sense of connection even when we’re remote. It will also encourage you to get changed out of your PJs and get dressed in work appropriate clothes.

  • Mute when you are not speaking or are in a loud environment. No one needs to hear the washing machine going in the background. Chewing during a call with your mic on is also a no-no.

  • Talk a little slower. All we really know is that the network cables under the sea are stressed out which often results in slower connection. Bear this in mind when you are talking.

  • Check-in. Spend the first few minutes checking in with the person on the other end of the screen – ask them how their morning has been, or how their weekend was. Yes, we’ll probably hear “it’s not like we could go anywhere” but ask anyway. It may seem unnecessary, but it really does help to have these personal moments.

  • Be present. If you are on a video call don’t check your phone or type an email unrelated to what you are doing. That’s not something you’d do in person, so don’t do it over a call.

  • Active listening. Video calls are new to a lot of people and it can be really tricky to read the room. Aggressive nodding and enthusiastic thumbs ups are encouraged during this time.

remote working tips
  • Respect boundaries. Yes, most of us are working from home but that doesn’t mean we are working 24/7 or that we have the time for impromptu calls. Schedule meetings in diaries and respect boundaries, the world is already overwhelming as it is.

  • Keep your background tidy. Most of your colleagues haven’t seen your home before and they definitely don’t need to see your underwear hanging to dry in the background. Tidy up, move things out of frame, use one of the backdrops on your calls or blur the background if you’re using Microsoft Teams.

  • Wear pants. No further explanation needed here.

Our team is working remotely and available for video calls during this time. Reach out to us if you’d like to discuss your social media strategy.