Finding opportunities in the time of Corona – A look at LinkedIn

In a time where the economy is in a slump, leads in the pipeline may have fallen away and business is just plain difficult right now, people are looking to refocus their skills, or are actively looking for new opportunities. It is also a time where meeting face-to-face is not the norm anymore and a life of isolation is.

We’ve found that all of these factors have started to point people towards the social media realm – for business marketing and also for personal brand building and digital networking. One social media platform that has stood out for most is LinkedIn, due to its professional nature.

Long gone are the days where LinkedIn was a glorified CV display cabinet – it’s now a powerful tool that can do incredible things for your personal and business brand. Not many people are aware that once you have an online presence, you have a brand, so it’s important to carve this to portray yourself in the best possible way and in turn provide the right space for opportunities to unfold.

From our years of experience on LinkedIn, we’ve found that it all really boils down to two main parts:

1. Making a good impression (laying the foundation), and

2. Creating digital visibility (exercising your brand)

The same elements apply to both personal and business brands on a platform like LinkedIn and there are many ways to cleverly make use of the functionality available to find the best possible way.

There are a lot of points of consideration within these two main parts, but once you’re in a groove it all starts to flow quite easily, and the opportunities start to present themselves.

Reach out if you need help – we’ve been around the block a good few times and have an easy LinkedIn starter training session ready to get you up to speed.