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Why Your Events Need Social Media

Have you ever been out for dinner with your friends and you end up playing the 'no cell phone' rule? You all put your phones into the middle of the table and whoever reaches for it first has to pay the bill that evening. The purpose of this is to try to get everyone to engage with one another and be present, no snapchat selfies or text's going out for those few hours. Let's flip the switch and look at the exact opposite of this scenario. Imagine going to an event, where being on your phone was not only allowed, but it was encouraged. Yip, welcome to 2017 and the wonderful world of using technology to grow your personal and business brand. Before the event Just as your brand needs an image, y

Win with Social Ideas!

We all know how expensive it can get when designing images for your and your business’ online platforms. Now Social Ideas is giving you the chance to win a personalized cover image, specific to all your requirements. Make your business stand out from the rest and of course, look oh so stylish 💁 To enter, see details on our latest Instagram post. Competition closes on Friday 10 November so hurry and enter now! Important Information This prize does not consist of a brand logo or emblem creation. It is the creation of a cover image for the social media platform of your choice using your already existing graphics. See example below. Prize is limited to one person. Prize is chosen at random. The

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