The world has changed. Your marketing strategy needs to change, too.

“The way we do business is changing” – we’ve all heard this phrase at some point in our working lives and this has always held true. What we didn’t expect was the introduction of a global pandemic to turn everything on its head. Now, it is no longer “the way we do business is changing” but rather “the way we do business has changed.”

It can be argued that without the Coronavirus we may still have been juggling the digital and traditional ways of working for a good couple of decades. But now, with more people working from home and leaders needing to rethink everything, businesses have no choice but to adapt.

It’s at this point that the time is right to rework your digital strategy.

Investing more time and budget on non-traditional channels, in a way that is relevant and impactful is key. This can be daunting, especially when a business has been operating in the same way for many years, but digital-based life is here whether you are ready or not.

A recent study has shown that online activity, and specifically social media activity, has increased substantially across the globe recently since the COVID-19 global pandemic outbreak.

In South Africa, 50% of internet users reported spending more time on social media. Evidence shows a definite increase in internet and social media usage in recent weeks. The shift towards digital channels and especially social media is strikingly evident now.


There are many ways of going about creating a digital strategy, but here are some points of consideration that we suggest:

  • Evaluate and define your objectives

  • Know who your competitors are and what they are doing,

  • Brainstorm ways to communicate to your audience in a way that makes sense on the relevant channels

  • Implement a plan

  • Allow for adjustment while you go

This is something that none of us could have seen coming, but what we do see coming (well, it’s already here), is the next level of digital marketing.

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