Is your content strategy working?

Even when you have a social media strategy in place with a comprehensive content calendar, it isn’t always easy to disseminate if your content is working for you.

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We have put a list of helpful tips together to make sure you are on the right track:

  1. Set (realistic) objectives. You will never know if your content strategy is working if you haven’t decided on the objectives you are trying to reach. Is your primary focus to build a brand personality, gain followers or sell a product/service? Remember, just because you are posting frequently it doesn’t mean you are going to gain hundreds of followers overnight or boost your sales – it is an ongoing strategy, and as your platforms grow and you learn more about your audience, you will probably need to relook at your strategy/objectives and adapt. It is a time consuming, but vital task.

  2. Everything you post should serve a purpose or tick (at least) one of your content pillars. Before posting, make sure what you have said is relevant and on-brand. Tip: You should also look at generating more engagement. This includes creating sharable content or asking your audience questions, encouraging them to interact. This is a great way to learn more about who your audience is – think of it as market research.

  3. Weekly/monthly reports. It’s great to invest in a paid social media tracking service for in-depth insights, but it is not always necessary. Use free analytical tools (available on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and compile weekly or monthly reports. It is valuable and ongoing insight that helps guide your overall social media strategy. Consider getting professional help on board to guide you, based on your insights.

There is a lot more we can get into, but this is a good starting point. If you’re feeling a little lost – contact us.