How to manage running a business with 2 under 2

My colleague and I were discussing different topics for our blog and when this specific one was suggested I dismissed it at first thinking “I honestly don’t have a cooking clue, I just do it!”, but you know what? That’s exactly it. You just do it.

Becoming a mom is all-consuming and you can’t imagine being able to do the same things with the same drive and ambition as before. In fact, in those new-born days, you can’t imagine much past the endless 3-hour cycles of feeding - broken only by changing and settling and desperate attempts at getting a good stretch of sleep.

When the second one arrives this is all (thankfully) not new anymore but this introduces a whole new challenge of managing two little ones.

Being a mom to two small children under the age of two has taught me patience, resilience and perseverance like I’ve never experienced before. It’s taught me to accept circumstances out of my control and to roll with the punches, all while holding onto the bigger picture that remarkably is still hanging around there, waiting for the finishing touches.

The best news is that all of these traits are easily transferred to my career. My business now has a leader that is more patient, more resilient and more flexible. Organisation skills have been fine-tuned to the max in order to incorporate all the balls that I have to juggle.

If you were looking for an easy check list on how to manage a business and a family with small children, I’m sorry you’re not getting that, but I can give you the best advice that I have – you just do it.