Social Ideas Turns 6! A glimpse into the brand

Social Ideas turns 6 this month! I actually had to double-check our start date to be sure because it's hard to believe that what started out as an idea has been a successful business 6 years on.

Having studied a degree in Finance and Law and working for just under 5 years in private financial services, I saw a gap in the market for social media services for businesses and took the plunge to start a boutique social media agency, catered for businesses and corporates. At that stage, social media from a business perspective was in its' infancy in South Africa and there was so much opportunity for learning and understanding in this space (and there still is).

The way that we have grown with social media and digital marketing over the past 6 years is astonishing. Who remembers the days when Facebook was completely free and all Page posts were fed to all followers' feeds? Or the days before Instagram when we could happily tuck into our gorgeous meals without taking 10 minutes to get the perfect shot for Instagram first?

The very nature of social media is that it grows and changes every day. Every single day is a learning experience for us and a marathon of staying current, relevant and true to our clients.

Each project and each client is like building a puzzle without the picture on the box. Once we put all the pieces together to create the picture that we envisioned, it is glorious!

I don't, for a second, regret my decision to walk away from the corporate grind and risk it all to start a business like this that is so challenging and rewarding.