How to Create a Strong Online Password

We've all been in a situation where we have forgotten our ever important password for our social media accounts, emails or online banking, the latter being one of the more crucial passwords to forget. Is there anything more frustrating and time-consuming?

Yes, having someone hack into your accounts and alter your information or money takes the cake on this one. With online fraud rising to terrifying heights, it's important for to take the necessary precautions to keep your accounts safe - and hopefully save you some time in the long run as well!

· Use a mix of characters: numbers, symbols, capital and lower case letters

· If the functionality allows, try and use at least 12 characters

· Steer clear of using dictionary words in your passwords

· Don’t use obvious substitutes for letters in order to create what you can see as a dictionary word, e.g P@ssword

This is basically explaining the impossible here, so how exactly do you remember this complicated password that has no words?

Here’s the trick. Come up with a phrase or sentence and use the first letter of each word in your password. E.g. “My first pet was a dog named Bobcat. He died @ age 11.” Equates to a strong password of MfpwadnB.Hd@a11

You’re welcome :)