Our Top Flat Lay Tips

Oh, Instagram, how you (and we) love flat lays! For those of you unsure as to what a flat lay is, it is an easy way to showcase items you own, tell a story, and give your online pages a professional look. A flat lay is simple to do and can be shot almost anywhere. With Spring in the air and Summer so close, let's take a look at some of our top flat lay tips while we dream of the beach...


Natural lighting works best so try take your pics by a window or outside if possible. Avoid shadows and dark spaces, they create other shapes and patterns and distract users from the real objects on display.


Try use a light or white background for a fresh, crisp and clean look, but don’t be scared to experiment with different textures and colours depending on the ‘theme’ of your post. For example, if you are doing a flat lay regarding summer items, a costume, sunnies and lotion, your background could be beach sand or green grass. Play around and see what works best for you.


Keep your flat lays interesting with props – magazines , sunglasses, flip-flops, sunscreen etc. Anything that you think relates to the 'theme' of your image can be used, or even anything that adds a more aesthetically pleasing touch. Polarid pictures, flowers, stationary and jewelry are standard flat lay props that can contribute to your overall finished look.


Keep the phone or camera you are using parallel to the surface of what you are photographing. The right angle can make or break your flat lay. Climb on a chair if extra height is needed. Anything for that perfect picture!


Whatever items you have in your shot, be sure to arrange them in such a way that they look their best. You can position them so that it appears as though everything has 'naturally' fallen together, or very structured and organized. Whichever image you are wanting to create make sure you think it through carefully and know what message you are trying to send with your flat lay.