There's not a lot that's more important than how you portray yourself as a professional online. Our "Pimp My CV" service revamps your LinkedIn profile and provides you with a custom designed one-page career summary as a .PDF download.

What's Included?

LinkedIn profile makeover

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It's hard to write about yourself, we know. But your LinkedIn profile is so important to your professional brand and is an incredible asset to your professional and business development. We'll give your LinkedIn profile the professional makeover that it needs to position you as an expert in your field and to attract new opportunities.

Résumé revamp

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Get your own custom designed one-page CV overview that sets you apart from other recruiting candidates. Available as a print-ready .PDF download, you can attach it to mails, print & present and include it on your LinkedIn profile.

TOTAL COST R2 415 incl. VAT

Why Your Personal Brand Matters Now More Than Ever

In today's social media saturated society, it's becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. Your experiences are unique and the way that you approach every day is specific to you. Your thinking is yours and nobody can be more you than you.